Snow and strong winds are expected to northeast Iowa, along with the rest of the state, late Wednesday afternoon that are expected to last through Friday.

A recent report on this site says the National Weather Service is forecasting 5 to 10 inches of snow. However, they state "uncertainty remains on snowfall totals, but impacts from the combined effects of the wind and snow are expected. Thus, blizzard conditions will be possible. This will also lead to difficulty when gathering accurate measurements of snow during the event. This will be a long duration event, so plan appropriately prior to the start. Plan travel around peak hours of the storm, either before or after impacts."

As Iowans are adjusting travel plans or bunkering down before the storm, farmers are hard at work making sure their livestock is also prepared for the sold to come.

Landon Kane, owner of Red Rock Farms in Oelwein is hard at work making sure his operation is ready for the storm to come.

Just kind of the basics. Making sure everyone has dry bedding; I’m pretty fortunate here at my place that we have heated waters to supply water to everyone so they can have fresh and thawed water all day too.

With reports saying the Midwest is expecting to face its coldest Christmas in 40 years, farmers will not be the only ones trying to stay warm on the farm.

Kane shares his tips on preparing for this week's storm.

These below average temperatures dropping below zero here, it will be kind of hard on the livestock. You just got to make sure you got good windbreaks, dry bedding, freshwater for them and make sure that they are staying dry because if they get wet or damp, you can have a disaster in a hurry.

People in more than 80 percent of the country are expected to experience below freezing temperatures this week.

Other ways farmers can prepare for the storm include;

  • Checking on/installing  snow fences. By strategically placing snow fences, you are reducing drifting and saving time and energy. and
  • Make sure you have the appropriate indoor shelter space for livestock.

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