Going to the grocery store these days is like playing a not-so-fun version of the game 'Memory'. Every time you look at the price of an item before you put it in your cart, so swear you paid several dollars less for it the last time you were at the store! And that is because you probably did! The latest item to see a huge spike in price is eggs.

I picked up a dozen eggs just two days ago and thought the store I was at was trying to rip me off! Nearly $3 for a dozen eggs? It turns out that there is a very real reason for the hike in prices, and one you no doubt have probably heard about. The bird flu. Testing has found the avian flu in birds in 22 different states, including Iowa, in 2022 according to Forbes. Since the flu was first confirmed in flocks in early February, egg prices have soared by 52%.

As a matter of fact, everything involving chicken is going up in price. Have you priced out chicken breast lately? Forbes reports that the average price has gone up from $3.14 to $3.93 in just the first week of April. Last year we were paying around $2.48. Forbes reports that this is the worst bird flu outbreak in the U.S. since 2015 with some 17 million birds already dead due to the virus and virus control measures. The good news? The risk of sickness in humans is low. The bad news? Your Easter egg hunt just got a lot more expensive.

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