Not that we need it but something else in life is about to go up in price.

Summer cookouts are a highlight for a lot of us. We hang out with our friends or neighbors around a grill with a bunch of burgers, hot dogs, plenty of sides, and chit chat and let the kids swim or play.


If you're the one hosting these, you're probably paying for a chunk of the food and drinks that go into the fun-fest and unfortunately, you're probably going to pay more. We know that groceries overall are expensive but it's probably going to get worse, especially in the Midwest.

Why Burgers Will Be More Expensive

The USDA announced a couple of weeks ago that bird flu has been found in beef for the first time.

Bird flu has spread it's way into dairy cows in Iowa, as of last week according to Reuters. Because of the ongoing bird flu epidemic in the U.S., which impacts the price of eggs too, American meat suppliers are facing price hikes of their own which could likely drive up how much you'll pay for burgers at the grocery store.

Add on to that that cattle take longer to raise than hogs or chicken so it's not going to be a quick, easy rebound for a lot of these companies.

You're Fine To Eat Beef

Just make sure that your best grillmaster is babysitting the grill. You don't want undercooked beef for a lot of reasons, now evidently including bird flu.

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