Spring is barely upon us, and yet as we always tend to do, we're looking to what's next. In this case, summer is next. With more normality expected this year, I totally get why Iowans want to know if the weather will cooperate. Well, according to the Farmers' Almanac it's kind of a mixed bag, leaning more towards nice if you like it hot.

Their headline is: 'Summer 2021: Warm And Stormy Weather Ahead!' Which seems to sum things up nicely. As you can see from their map, this will impact Iowa, and most of the Midwest:

Farmers' Almanac

While it appears our friends to the West in Nebraska will experience 'searing temperatures' and active weather, we're still in the muggy category, and the entire country (and Canada) will be above average this summer. This isn't bad news for crops. Storms mean rain. Heat means good corn growing conditions. It all just hinges on how strong those storms are. Give us rain, just keep the strong winds and such away, please Mother Nature. NOAA is chiming in to - see below.


As far as NOAA, and the National Weather Service, they're also slapping the 'above average' label on our summer. Though it won't be as sweltering as; say, Texas, it's still looking hot.

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So, there you go. Both the Farmers' Almanac and NOAA are saying we'll have some serious heat this summer. Again, not as bad as our friends in the south, or even just to the west. But more heat none the less. Once again, just please no severe weather. Please and thank you! Summer officially starts on Sunday, June 20th which is also Father's Day.

Thanks to Pete Hanson at our sister station in Minnesota for inspiration. Check out the full Farmers' Almanac article here.

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