Racing continues during the Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center Round 1, but time is running out to help your favorite driver advance to the 2018 Iowa's Virtual Dirt Track Classic Main Event.

Round 1 voting closes Thursday (Jan. 25) at 5:00 PM. The top ten drivers will advance to the Bill Colwell Ford Main Event which begins Friday morning (Jan. 26), so make sure to keep voting for your favorite driver(s). You can do so once every 24 hours.

The top two drivers in each group at the completion of the Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center Round 1 automatically advance to the #VDTC18 Main Event. The rest of the top ten drivers will be the highest vote-getters not already in the main event.

Due to the small field size of the Late Model division, all eleven drivers will automatically transfer to the Bill Colwell Ford Main Event. Votes will be tallied across both rounds (combined).

NOTE: The Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center Round 1 has ended. The Top 10 from each class that advanced to the Bill Cowlell Ford Main Event will be revealed Friday morning, and voting will begin at that time.

In Group 1, Clint Luellen and Cayden Carter added to their lead over the rest of the field. Luellen holds a four-percent advantage over Carter. Chase Ellington, Dennis Laveine, and Chris Zogg round out the top five.

In Group 2, JD Auringer, Josh Gilman, and Justin Kay are battling for the two automatic transfers into the Bill Colwell Ford Main Event. Jeff James and Josh Ruby complete the top five.

Kelly Shryock has built up a comfortable lead in Group 3. Mike VanGenderen and Scott Hogan are running door-to-door for the final auto-transfer spot to the main event. Mike Jergens and Nick Deal run fourth and fifth respectively.

The Modified project top ten includes: Luellen, Carter, Auringer, Gilman, Shryock, VanGenderen, Kay, Hogan, James, and Jergens. Ruby, Ellington, Laveine, Schueller, Zogg, and Deal are close trailing by no less than 70 votes.

Group 1 in the Stock Car division has seen more voting action than any other group. Cole Mather holds a slight lead. Devin & Donavon Smith along with John Oliver Jr. and Elijah Zevenbergen all are racing for the final auto-transfer to the next round.

In Group 2, Mike Nichols is holding off Luke Sathoff and Brian Blessington. Keith Knopp has been closing in on that battle for second. John Spaw runs fifth.

Nathan Wood has jumped out to a commanding lead in Group 3. Tyler Pickett holds down the second position. Mitch Hovden, Danny Thrasher, and Phil Holtz make up the rest of the top five.

The Stock Car projected top ten include: Mather, Devin Smith, Nichols, Sathoff, Wood, Pickett, Blessington, Donavon Smith, Knoop, and Olver. Zevenbergen, Palmer, Hovden, Spaw, and Thrasher are not far behind.

Right now in Group 1, three cars have locked horns in a battle for the top two transfer spots. Curtis Van Der Wal holds a 12 vote-lead over Colby Fett. Chase Rudolf is right on their heels running third. Cody Olson and Austen Becerra run fourth and fifth.

In Group 2, Jake McBirnie leads the field. Doug Smith sits in second. Kyle Olson has been slowly closing in Smith. Kyle Anderson and Dan Hovden complete the top current top five.

Tyler Soppe leads Group 3 with Tony Olson on his heels. Trevor Fecht, Ty Griffith, and Travis Peterson run third through fifth respectively.

The SPORTMOD/BMOD projected top ten include: Van Der Wal, Fett, McBirnie, Smith, Soppe, Tony Olson, Kyle Olson, Rudolf, Fecht, and Griffith. Cody Olson is only seven votes back followed by Beccerra and Peterson.

In Group 1, Benji Irvine has run out to a comfortable lead. Daniel Smith and and Chanse Hollatz run bumper-to-bumper for the second position. Brandon Nielsen and Brady Link ride in fourth and fifth respectively.

Group 2 sees Leah Wroten leading the way. Jason Fusselman leads a three-car battle for second over Luke Ramsey and Dustin Griffith. Jamie Schrim rounds out the top five.

Shannon Anderson has flexed his muscle and has a commanding lead in Group 3. Matt White and Steve Larson and tied for second with the exact same vote toal. Myles Michehl and Randy Byery round out the top five and are within striking distance for an auto-transfer.

The HOBBY STOCK projected top ten include: Irvine, Smith, Wroten, Fusselman, Anderson, White or Larson, Ramsey, Griffith, Hollatz, and Nielsen. Just outside the top ten sees White or Larson, Michehl, and Schirm.

Darrel DeFrance leads the way in the Late Model Bill Colwell Ford Main Event. Jesse Sobbing runs in second only 40-plus votes back. Todd Cooney runs third followed by Justin Kay, and Charlie McKenna.

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