This list of frequently used baby names in Illinois is constantly changing but several former popular ones have dropped off the list.

One Of The Most Important Jobs Of An Illinois Parent

There are many responsibilities that parents have when raising their kids in Illinois. One particular thing that is at the top of that list or at the very least pretty darn close. I'm talking about naming their children. Believe it or not, that could make or break them in the eyes of their peers. It doesn't matter if it's a good or bad name, that will live with them forever.

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Trends With Baby Names Change Constantly In Illinois

It's funny because it's easy to figure out what names were popular during the different eras. After all, they'll be a bunch of people with those same names. I think I was friends with ten different guys named Mike in college. How many girls were named after Britney Spears? Then, you will barely see that name ever again.

Baby Names No Longer Used In Illinois
Baby Names No Longer Used In Illinois

Nowadays, Baby Names Are More Creative In Illinois

I have to give parents in Illinois a lot of credit with their baby name choices because they've gotten a lot more creative. When I was growing every other boy was named John or Jim and for girls Jenny or Amy. Nowadays, baby names are much more unique. There won't be a bunch of kids in class with the same name. Even if parents use a more traditional name, they'll use different spelling. That does get a little confusing at times.

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20 Once Popular Baby Names No Longer Used In Illinois


1. Julius

2. Jaiden

3. Johnny

4. Raiden

5. Reid

6. Brady

7. Nasir

8. Ronan

9. Bradley

10. Clayton


1. Brooke

2. Blake

3. McKenzie

4. Brooklynn

5. Charli

6. Raegan

7. McKenna

8. Finley

9. Amanda

10. Michelle

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