Iowa Central Community College is going to get new use out of a vacant Casey’s store.

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Instead of being a provider of biofuels, Casey’s has donated a vacant store lot to the school to add to testing capabilities to help grow the renewable fuels industry.

This will help Iowa Central expand the operation of its Biofuel Testing lab  Iowa Central President Jesse Ulrich said in a report in Radio Iowa.

A little over 10 years ago Iowa Central was one of the first independent biofuel testing labs in the entire nation. And that bio testing lab is in our bio-health science building. And we're looking for a new location for it so that we can expand those services. Not only for the state of Iowa but nationally as well.

Now that the Casey’s has agreed to give Iowa Central the building, the school is now working on the planning stages of the project.

We believe that is going to go out to bid early this summer, and we are looking at a one year to 18-month project.

This will help get more students involved in the program.

What we're really looking at is being able to expand that into having more and more students take part through apprenticeships and learning from that lab. And by vacating chemistry labs or some type of classroom space for the general academic side as well.

According to The Messenger, the lab site will be on a lot where the Colonial Inn once stood and where a  Casey’s General Store still stands. The Inn property was donated to the college back in 2011 and the donation of the Casey’s site was recently finalized.

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