It's a battle of the gas stations!

A couple of days ago, the gas station Kwik Trip made a (now deleted) bold statement on their official Facebook page. The company posted:

"Does Casey's have the best gas station pizza? Yes.

But does Casey's have the worst everything else? Also yes."

Kwik Trip is a family-owned company based out of La Crosse, Wisconsin with over 700 locations across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. Casey's, on the other hand, is an Iowa-based company that has over 2,300 stores across 16 states. Since Kwik Trip's post went up yesterday, it has received over 700 shares and more than 1,200 comments! Clearly people in the Midwest are passionate about their gas stations.

The main reason the post has gain so much popularity on Facebook is actually because of the Iowa band The Pork Tornadoes. Kwik Trip even gives credit to the group in the comments! The Pork Tornadoes responded with the comment, "who knew that chatting about your favorite gas stations on a podcast could have led to this?"

So, what does Casey's have to say about all of this? They gave a very simple response on Twitter, writing:

"So you’re saying we have the best pizza?"

What do you think about the online battle between Kwik Trip and Casey's? Are you passionate about any local gas stations? I don't think I've ever been into a Kwik Trip before, but I can say with certainty that Casey's does have the best breakfast pizza (sausage and veggies for the win!). Let us know which team you're on in the comments!

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