When you pull into your favorite gas station do you just get gas for your car, or do you also get some fuel for yourself?  Maybe some donuts and coffee?  Or maybe you need a full meal to take home like chicken tenders and milk.  Whatever you need you can typically find it at Kwik Trip / Kwik Star and based on the numbers from last year, Wisconsin has.

Wisconsin's Favorite Gas Station

Kwik Trip / Canva
Kwik Trip / Canva

It's no secret in the Midwest that folks love the Kwik Trip and Kwik Star brands.  But now word is out across the country after being named the greatest gas station in America.

USA Today says "Their bakeries make more than two dozen different items each day, and all milk is sourced from dairy farms within a 100-mile radius of La Crosse, Wisconsin."

So Many Locations For KwikTrip and KwikStar


If you are going to sell the massive amounts of donuts that you can see below in a year, then you have to be in more than one spot.

And the Glazers can be found everywhere in the Midwest and they are growing.  Over 800 locations when adding together the different brands.

Now the world's largest Kwik Trip (that you can see here) probably sells a decent amount of these.  But still, it's taking all 800 locations to pull off these numbers.

Let's Look At The Massive Numbers

In 2023 people consumed from KwikTrip/KwikStar:

  • 25,043,229 gallons of milk.
  • 46,365,322 cups of coffee.
  • 26,821,499 chicken tenders.
  • 38,099,636 Glazers

Remember, those are just the Glazers as well.  That doesn't even include all the other types of donuts they sell.  Odds are with them opening more locations (26 in 2023) that number will just continue to rise.

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