Earlier this spring I documented my search for a new flavor of Mountain Dew called Purple Thunder. However, I discovered that it was a flavor available exclusively to a brand of convenience stores not found in Eastern Iowa. Imagine my excitement when just yesterday I found out that a well-known store with many locations here in the corridor will also be getting their own flavor of Mountain Dew!

In a press release yesterday Casey's and Mountain Dew announced that a new flavor would be appearing in stores starting this month. That new flavor is called Moutain Dew Overdrive! I am a sucker for Mountain Dew. My day begins with a Diet Dew, but I've tried most of the new flavors recently, with the exception of the Flamin Hot Dew. Sorry, I just can't. So what does the Overdrive taste like? It is described as Dew with a citrus punch featuring hints of mango, raspberry, and lime.

via Golin

According to the press release, Mountain Dew Overdrive will be available at more than 2,400 Casey's stores in both 20-ounce bottles and as an option in their fountain machines. Just when will it arrive? It depends on which Casey's you go to. I hit the store on West 8th Ave. in Marion yesterday and they had the 20-ounce bottles in stock. I stopped at a different Casey's store early this morning, and they didn't have it in stock yet.

So what does it taste like? I had a few sips yesterday and to me, it tasted like Mountain Dew with some fruit punch and lime thrown in. I'll be honest, I liked it and look forward to putting it in my soda rotation this summer!

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