Trust your experiences.

I just read a survey that was talking about toys parents WISHED their kids would ask for. This survey just angered me right to my gut. The story actually was talking about parents having a disappointing feeling that they will give a toy they liked as a child and the kid would blow it off. Who cares? You have experience! You KNOW the toy is fun and if your kid blows off the toy... YOU GET TO PLAY WITH IT!

One Easter, the Easter Bunny got me a kite. I was like, "pfft... who flies a kite anymore?" I completely blew off this old school toy and it was one of the biggest mistakes of my childhood. We took it outside, got it up in the air, and as soon as my dad gave me the handles, the jerk of the tension on the string almost knocked me over. IT WAS AWESOME! It was like a sport as I was fighting against the wind.

The survey said the top 10 old-school toys we wish our kids wanted for Christmas are:

1. A bike
2. Puzzles
3. Board Games
4. A teddy bear/stuffed animal
5. A ball/football/basketball
6. Building blocks
7. An art set
8. Modeling Clay
9. Toy animals
10. A jump rope

These toys are CLASSICS! You KNOW they are fun! Every one of these toys are something that you can do with your child together. So just get them that gift! If they blow it off... who cares? When your kid sees YOU playing with this stuff and seeing how much fun you're having, they will want to try it for themselves.

That is also the beauty of gift giving. Though it might not be what they asked for but you'll know the kid will have fun with these toys regardless.

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