Kids soon won't know the awesomeness of a free day off of school.

In high school, we heard a rumor that it was the school bus company that determined whether or not we would have a snow day and a day off of school. We had heard that if the buses couldn't run, then school would be canceled. We always had devised a plan that we would shovel all of our driveways and put the snow in the truck of cars and haul it over to the school bus depot and pack the parking lot with all the snow and earn the free day off of school. (Of course, we never actually did.) But it was like Christmas morning when the radio or TV would announce that your school had been closed for the day. You'd have to hear it at least 3 times before it was believable.

But as technology progresses, the snow day is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Any time there is extreme weather, schools are using GOOGLE to have online learning during days kids are staying home from school. Schools in South Carolina where closed during the October hurricanes and had their first "eLearning Day" October 11th and the school district was quite pleased with the with the results.

eLearning programs have been in the testing stages since 2014 in states like Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, Indiania, and Pennsylvania.

Sorry kids... here's what you're missing.

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