If you have ever taken a drive through the countryside, you may have noticed the metal stars that people put on the side of their barns. While many people love using it as wall décor in their homes as well, there is actually more to these stars than you might think.

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There was a rumor that circled the internet around 2007 that if you had one of these stars on your house, it meant that you are a swinger. But if you have one of these stars on the side of your home, do not fret! Tips on Swinging says that this is indeed a rumor and that these stars DO NOT indicate swingers.

This rumor was actually started by a couple as a joke.


So, what does the star really mean?

Just like hanging a horseshoe, the barn star is believed to bring luck and ward off evil.


According to Wide Open Country, the star images started with German settlers. They would paint elaborate star images on their barns- which eventually became known as “hex signs”. The term was derived from “hexe” which means “witch” in German.

A lot of these original paintings looked like Amish quilt squares.


It wasn’t until the 1930s and ‘40s that we started to see the transition from painted stars to metal art pieces.

The color of the stars also indicates their intent of them.

  • Black: Protection by the binding or mixing elements or curses
  • White: Purity and energy
  • Yellow: Health and godliness
  • Blue: Spirituality and peace
  • Brown: Earth and strength
  • Green: Fertility, growth, and successfulness
  • Orange: Prosperity
  • Red: Emotions, passion, and creativity
  • Violet: Sacredness

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