It’s that time of year again when everyone is scrambling to get ready for back to school and for some people, like one Iowa queen, back to school means there is no time for a break.

Mary Ann Fox of northern Iowa is this year’s Iowa State Fair Queen, not soon after she earned her county title at the Mitchell County Fair just ten days prior to the State Fair contest.

She spoke to Radio Iowa about how hectic her last month has really been saying that there hadn’t been enough time to gather any nerves about competing in the state contest.

It was quick, it was exciting, and I like to say that it didn’t give me a chance to get my nerves running. I just got thrown into it,”

Fox went from a county to state pageant queen overnight, and soon she will go from pageant queen to college freshman.

Starting on Monday, I will be a freshman at Iowa State University, and I will be majoring in ag engineering.


I like to say that my future plans within the 10 or so years are to find an answer to a problem going on in agriculture and just to make farmers like my dad -- make their lives easier… I love looking out at a field of corn, so I just hope to end up there again.


Fox grew up on a farm. Her dad raises corn and cattle, so she’s no stranger to the livestock world.

She has been attending the state fair her whole life; however, she was never an exhibitor. But, as the State Fair Queen, she has been able to make her way into the show ring handing out ribbons to exhibitors.

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