Is their a horse in the woods of Hartman Reserve in Cedar Falls? Maybe? Sounds like it... I live in the Cedar Heights neighborhood and was talking to a neighbor who said he heard what he thought was a horse late in the night. I didn't believe that was what it was but thought it was at least possible. Then, he said he had AUDIO. As a radio guy, that's where I got excited...

As you can tell, it does sound rather horse-like. But it's not. It's not, um, horsey enough right? THIS is what a horse sounds like:

That's where I got to Googling and found the Eastern Screech Owl which is fairly common in Iowa. And, they sound like miniature horses when they yowl looking for a mate.

I did do some homework and found a checklist of various creatures you can encounter in or around Hartman. The Screech Owl wasn't present, but since they're known for living in Iowa, and even included Iowa Ornithologists Unions checklist of the 'Birds of Black Hawk County', there's no reason to continue investigating. I'd say it is safe to confirm these are the sounds of an (adorable) Eastern Screech Owl. As long as he/she doesn't wake me up at 2:30 a.m., I have to say, they're kinda cute!

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