Fighting dirty is never, ever encouraged. When two men get into it, there's some basic rules... Number one, watch the groin! Number two, no messing with the eyes. And number three, don't ever bite the other mans nose off. Okay, maybe that's more of an unwritten rule because it's so far fetched, but alas, it just happened in Dubuque...

KCRG reports this weekend two men were asked to leave Noonan`s Tap in Dubuque after a verbal fight broke out. That soon spilled out into the street and became a physical altercation in a nearby residential alleyway. One of the men was 24 year old Blayre Allen Ward. During the altercation, rocks were thrown causing damage to one of the home. What's worse, during the fight, police say Ward bit a good amount of the nose off the man he was fighting. Ward later admitted to doing this.

Ward now is facing charges of criminal mischief, assault causing bodily injury, harassment, willful injury (causing serious injury), and interference with official acts. Man, you just don't do that... Remember when Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ear partially off? Alright, so Tyson ended-up okay and has had a great career since so, bad example. But anyway, you just don't do that!

The man who suffered the nose biting was sped to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and will need surgery to rebuild his nose. Ouch.

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