You know what they say, a couple that drinks and drives together, should be arrested together. Oh, and that's precisely what happened with this Wisconsin couple that decided to booze it up, then drive it up. While this story ends with no one getting hurt, remember, OWI's are no joke.

He drank, she drank, both got arrested

On Sunday morning around bar closing time in Boscobel, Wisconsin (roughly 28 miles from the Iowa border, near Marquette), a Boscobel officer arrested a man for suspected OWI. His wife, 40-year-old Sara Stowell was also intoxicated, over the limit, and was asked by the officer arresting her husband to find a sober ride home, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

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Aaand, she should have listened because she decided to ignore the officer's request to find a safe, sober driver, and she drove the vehicle into a pole. Luckily, neither she nor any other motorist was injured. No word on the pole, but the car was pretty badly damaged on the passenger side. Since it's her first OWI arrest, she'll likely be back on the roads soon, with a lesson hopefully learned.

Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash
Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

I have a few questions...

Okay so yes, these two are dumb criminals. You shouldn't go out and get loaded, then drive. Go out, have fun, enjoy your weekend, but plan a sober ride. Right? However, I do question why the police just left Mrs. Stowell. They knew she was over the legal limit, right? So... they leave her AND the running vehicle? It's almost as though they expected her to drive. I mean, she's drunk, right? Not in her right mind... why not take her in, with her husband, and let her sober up? Tag the car, tow it, make 'em pay for that, and have her sober up in a police waiting room?

But alas, it could have all been avoided if they hadn't driven drunk...

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