Here's the weirdest Iowa dumb criminal story you'll hear today. Only thing is, it doesn't involve an Iowan at all. It's a Minnesotan who got arrested in Iowa... for something dumb. And very 2021 I might add.

The woman fled from Minnesota to avoid a... different kinda charge

Melissa Hanson is the owner of a business called The Interchange Wine & Coffee Bistro. The shop/restaurant located in Albert Lea, Minnesota - which is in Freeborn County. If you aren't familiar, Albert Lea is very close to the Iowa border, and right off Interstate 35, which links our states. Hanson fled the state and went to Clear Lake to seek refuge. now, according to a Radio Iowa story, she's been accused 'pandemic-related violations'. What all that actually entails, I have no idea, nor is it explained in the report. Let's assume, if we can for a moment, no masks and/or over COVID capacity? Sounds like a very 2021 offense, right?

Clear Lake Iowa: A lovely place to hideout from Minnesota cops.
Clear Lake Iowa: A lovely place to hideout from Minnesota cops. (Photo: Google)

Hanson was planning to stick around Clear Lake for a while

Hanson was listed as 'WANTED' in Minnesota after she failed to show up in court after the pandemic-related violations charges were placed on her. That's when she rented an Airbnb location in Clear Lake. How long she'd been there isn't mentioned in the report, however police had no problem figuring out that's where she was. They monitored her comings and goings for a bit, then arrested her. Shame too. It's going to be in the mid 80's this weekend. It would have been a nice to day to sit, erm, hideout by the lake.

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