The featured image is NOT of the jet that was seen in Iowa Thursday night.

I heard the low rumblings of what I assumed was a large aircraft while watching TV last night in my Marion home at around 8:30 p.m.  At first I thought that it sounded like a military helicopter flying over the area. But the noise got louder and then the house actually began to shake. I went out on the porch to try and get a look at what had just passed over, but I'd missed it. It turns out there was a good reason. Fighter jets fly fast.

CBS2 reports that a military fighter jet, possibly several, were seen flying over Eastern Iowa on Thursday night. Many of you no doubt heard it, and probably, like I did, went outside to try and catch a glimpse of what on earth was making all that noise! Jessica Noehl captured the video below of the jet near the Eastern Iowa Airport on Thursday night.

It is unclear at this point where the jet came from, or who it belongs to. CBS2 reached out to the Iowa National Guard to see if they could provide some context. So far, they have yet to comment. Officials with the Eastern Iowa Airport told KCRG that the did not have any information on the flight, and that they are not automatically notified of air traffic that may be in the area.

I you have any information on the jet the flew over, including pictures or more video, please send them to us using the KHAK app!


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