The little restaurant called West End in Marion has quickly become a favorite spot to grab coffee, breakfast, or lunch. The adorable historic brick building along 6th Avenue in Marion debuted back in 2019. Since then the area has undergone a significant expansion, and another project in the area is underway.

I spoke with West End owner Annette Perry back when I wrote about the restaurant opening. We spoke about the plans that she and her husband had for developing Marion's West End. Those plans included some pop-up shops. Those are now right next to the diner and feature a variety of merchants. The other hope that Perry spoke of was to eventually have farmer's markets and other community activities at West End. A structure that will make those events a reality is now under construction.

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

It may just look like pavement and beams right now, but as the week progresses you'll soon see a planned outdoor event space take shape. The building will house Saturday farmer's markets and other community events. Here is what the building will look like once construction is wrapped up.

It shouldn't be too much longer before the new structure is up and open for business. It adds another fun spot to visit at West End. Soon you'll be able to hit a farmer's market, shop at a local store, and have lunch on the patio in less than one city block! I love that the Perry's vision for Marion's West End is coming to fruition!

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