What the heck is going on?!

It's not often that we see a celebrity representing the state of Iowa. Sure, we occasionally hear Jason Momoa or Ashton Kutcher mention their time here, but that's because they're FROM Iowa. But John Stamos is from California... what connection does John Stamos have to our state?

Earlier today (January 22nd), West End Diner in Marion posted a photo on their Facebook page that's getting quite a bit of attention. It features two men, and one of those men is actor John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse from Full House! In the photo, he's rocking a West End t-shirt.

The other man in the photo is Jack Perry, who is not only the co-owner of West End, but also the founder and CEO of the tech company Syncbak. Syncbak's headquarters is actually located in Marion, although they do have another office in New York.

So what are these two doing in a photo together? We don't know just yet. The caption of the photo reads:

"Know these guys? One is the founder and CEO of high tech media corp., Syncbak (and co-owner of the West End). The other is a former teen idol/actor/TV producer in a West End t-shirt. But why?? The answer is coming soon."

We can't wait to figure out what John Stamos is doing in a t-shirt from a local business! We will be sure to keep you updated once West End posts more information. In the meantime, you can check out the restaurant's official Facebook page HERE.

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