Picture this: you are able to take $3 and turn it into $30,000. If I offered you a chance to do that, you'd probably laugh at me. I know I'd laugh at myself. Unfortunately, I didn't score a $30,000 payday, but Waterloo resident Adam Wagner did. And yes, he did it with a mere $3.

Adam had a successful "hunt"

Adam Wagner scored his major cash payout after going hunting. lucky dollar hunting. Adam won his moolah playing the Iowa Lottery's "Lucky $ Hunt" scratch game. Yes, a simple $3 lottery ticket ended up being worth a massive $30,000. While the odds of winning a prize are roughly 1 in 4, there are only 14 total $30K grand prizes, which makes Adams smashing success even rarer and harder to accomplish.

Adam Wagner of Waterloo via the Iowa Lottery
Adam Wagner of Waterloo via the Iowa Lottery

Adam picked up his massive winner at New Star Liquor in Waterloo. Adam isn't the only eastern Iowan to score a huge payday recently. Michelle Rothmeyer of Calmar won $50,000 from the December 29th Powerball drawing. Michelle said she let the machine choose her numbers which, as it turns out, totally paid off for her. She has big plans for the 50-grand, she says she and her husband will pay off their home.

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$25K for life winner

One of the big Iowa Lottery stories from late last year was the story of an unidentified Cedar Rapids man who won the $25,000 a year for life prize from the Iowa Lottery. While the yet-named winner has a full year from his/her early November win to claim their prize, they still have to actually come forward to receive the cash. The ticket in question is for the "Lucky for Life" drawing from the first week of November.

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