It pays to check those lottery tickets that you just assumed weren't winners. The Iowa Lottery says that an Iowa man has claimed a $2 million prize from last October, while another $2 million jackpot is still unclaimed. Is it yours?

The Des Moines Register reports that Danny Buckelew of Treynor, Iowa claimed the $2 million prize this week that he won on the October 7th Powerball drawing. Buckelew matched all five of the white numbers winning him $1 million. But, he purchased the additional Power Play so his jackpot was doubled! The Register reports that the Iowa Lottery confirms that Buckelew purchased his winning ticket at a Casey's store in Tiffin, Iowa. I remember playing Powerball that week and thinking I had a chance at winning...October 7th is my birthday!

But unlike some lottery players, I know I checked my ticket from that week and all the other times I played last year. But someone clearly hasn't checked closely enough, because the Register reports another $2 million prize has sat unclaimed for nearly 2 months. The ticket was purchased at Clinton Liqour in Clinton, Iowa for the November 25th drawing. The winner has until May 23rd to step forward and claim their $2 million prize. Check those tickets, people!

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