Three weeks in... 70 positive COVID-19 results for students and staff at the University of Northern Iowa. By the way, these numbers are made public by the college and available to anyone with updates weekly. As a result of so many positive results so quickly, KWWL reports UNI Provost Jim Wohlpart is making some changes.

These changes include:

  • New seating arrangements and new seating charts
  • Certain classes moving to a larger space
  • More hybrid classes to avoid students needing to be on campus or in a specific location, thus reducing possible contact between students

An intern for Townsquare Media in Waterloo who attends UNI said she's seen students go from claiming they needed to be quarantined, to returning to class within the span of a day or two, and spoke with other students who claimed they knew or possibly came into contact with someone who was sick, but continued to attend class and not quarantine. Governor Reynolds recently announced bars in counties with public universities (lucidness Black Hawk) would need to be shutdown until at least late September in an attempt to slow the recent spread of COVID-19 in Iowa.

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