If you're looking for a job, you're in luck as it seems everyone in Iowa is hiring. If you have a more specialized skill set, perhaps you'll be happy to hear two well-known Iowa companies are planning an expansion and will be looking to add over 100 new positions.

Vermeer is expanding in Pella

The Vermeer Corporation is planning a $44 million expansion in Pella, where it is headquartered, according to a news story from Radio Iowa. Vermeer is known for making heavy machinery for agriculture and industrial use. The products they make are sold worldwide. Based in Pella, the company is planning to build a new parts distribution facility, and convert an already existing one to house product and field training.

Iowa Economic Development Authority Board has given the green light for Vermeer to receive state tax breaks for the project.

Pella Windows is hiring at its expanded plant

Another Pella, Iowa-based company is also hiring. Window manufacturer Pella Corporation is shifting all production of its wooden windows from its current plant in Macomb, Illinois to its facility in Shenandoah. Radio Iowa reports the company will invest over $5 million in its Shenandoah plant, plus hire 120 more workers after construction on production lines is completed.

The expansions and subsequent hiring come at a good time as many businesses continue to look for workers. In June, Iowa’s unemployment rate went up slightly, increasing to 4.0 from 3.9 in May.

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