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It’s illegal to dance between the hours of 2 A.M. and 6 A.M. – The law dates back to at least the 1940’s.

Winking at strange women prohibited

Men are prohibited from winking at women they do not know.

Softball played in the dark after 10:30pm

Softball diamond lights can not stay on past 10:30pm.  Make sure you bring your night vision! 47.06 SOFTBALL DIAMOND LIGHTS. The lights at the Mount Vernon softball diamond

Firing missiles onto the highway prohibited without written consent

If you plan on throwing stones or shooting missiles on any public walkway, highway or building, make sure you obtain a written consent letter from the Council before

Keep your horse away from the fire hydrants!

You might face a fine if your horse is found nibbling on the fire hydrant.

No Ice Cream for You!

Ice cream vendors are banned from the town of Indianola, Iowa.

Practice makes perfect… fires.

Before the local fire dept. answers a fire call, they are required to practice fire fighting for

Hotels are required to have water buckets and hitching post

Next time you pull up on your horse at the local hotel.  Make sure they’re equipped with a hitching post and water bucket.

Predicting the future prohibited within city limits

Fortune tellers are not allowed to practice within city limits.  They should already know this, right? 62.25 FORTUNE TELLING. No person shall tell fortunes or practice phrenology,

This Bud is not for you

Stores selling beer are prohibited from placing a sign outside their stores advertising they are selling beer. This must be a very religious town. Sec. 5 1/2-20. Beer
Iowa (statewide)

Hop picking boxes must be 36″ in length

If you’re a hop grower, you’re required by law to use a box thats exactly 36″ in length to store the picked hops. Chapter 195. Protection of Hop-Growing

Doctors must report herpes to local health board

Doctors treating anyone with herpes or any other venereal disease is required by law to report to the local health board about the origins of the patients’ disease.
(VIA: Idiot Laws)

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