While Iowa's unemployment has been declining over the past couple of months, that doesn't mean things aren't still tough out there. However, apparently some people make it tougher on themselves than it has to be, listing some pretty strange things on their resumes.

Typically, employers are looking for things like, work experience, education, and quality traits that describe you best. Many resume experts suggest listing some of your "interests", so employers can get a "feel" for you and your personality. Zippia.com studied "the weirdest things people actually put on their resumes". Zippia.com analyzed 3,543,017 resumes to find the most unexpected adjectives, nouns, and hobbies people are using on their resumes. And, oh boy, there were some real "doozies".

What was the most common keyword listed on Iowan's resumes in the "additional interests" section? PIZZA - ya'll are some weirdos or at the very least, honest. Which is a noteworthy quality to have in a good employee. And besides, who doesn't LOVE pizza?

Listing pizza really isn't that weird compared to what some other states had on their resumes. Texas lists "Bigfoot", Alabama has "Wookie" and New Mexico has "Alien", I'm guessing seeing any of those three things listed has scared away any potential employers. What did some of the states neighboring Iowa list? In Nebraska, they listed "hooping" as in hula-hooping I presume. If you think that's strange, how about Illinois listing "couponing", Minnesota has "dinosaurs, and Missouri just listed "hot dogs', which of course, as we all know, pizza is A LOT better than hot dogs. But the weirdest one is Wisconsin listing "rapping" as an interest. I would have never guessed people in that state were that much into rapping...besides not that many words rhyme with "Packers", "beer" or "cheese"!

As the article mentions, you probably should be mindful of the words you list on your resume. If the company that you're interested in scans for keywords, you might not want "porn", "UFO's" or the "Kardashians" listed. Less of course, you're applying to be in a porn movie about the Kardashians and UFO's, then that makes perfect sense.

Check out the map to see what people from other states listed on their resumes as an "interest":

Courtesy - Zippia.com
Courtesy - Zippia.com
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