Halloween enthusiasts are doing everything they can to salvage the holiday this year. Parents have been coming up with ingenious ideas to give out candy while somehow maintaining social distancing guidelines.

First it was a spooky candy slide made out of PVC pipe that works perfectly to slide trick-or-treaters some candy, then a man in Michigan invented a socially distanced candy contraption that not only gives out candy to trick-or-treaters, but also treats the parents with a can of beer! Love it!

And now when you thought you've seen everything for this Halloween. A Pennsylvania man created what he calls the "Candypult". You can see in the video below, that it's based on a traditional catapult, except it hurls Reese's peanut butter cups across the yard. The best part is, if the trick-or-treater tries hard enough, they can catch the flying candy right into their bag.

All three of these inventions look fun...will you be re-creating any of these for your own personal use this Halloween? Or maybe, you have a unique invention of your own? Let us know, contact us on our station app or via our Facebook page.


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