As most of you know, I am not originally from Iowa. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio so of course things are a little different here and most of the things I had heard about Iowa turned out to be true. Don't worry, all good things such as "Iowa nice"... yep, that's real here! However, I still have some questions...

The "Iowa Wave" also known as the "Farmer's Wave" or the "two finger salute." Is this really an Iowan thing and if so what does it really mean? I can't tell you how many times I have gotten this wave from many people passing in cars or just walking down the street. It's kind of like how some people do like the single head nod of lifting their chin as a way to say hello. Or at least that is what I see it as.

So yes, for those of you wondering from my perspective the "Iowa Wave" is a real thing here but what does it mean? I have learned three things this wave could mean while I am here. Now correct me if I am wrong true Iowans, but this "two finger salute" could mean "hello," "thank you" or "go ahead" when telling people to take their turn at a 4 way stop.

But I and the rest of the world want to know... is this truly an Iowan thing and what does it really mean?

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