It’s been an exciting week in Dyersville as excitement stirs before the big game tonight at the famous Field of Dreams. As the story goes, the field was built into a corn field- which is still there today as a reminder of the famous movie.

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As people flood to the set to watch the games this week, one thing they want to see is the corn- after all, it’s what makes the Field of Dreams; the Field of Dreams.

So, who are the people behind the corn you see in the outfield?

Andy and Adam Rahe have been farming what we have come to know as America’s most famous cornfield for years.

Their family has been farming the field since before the movie was made, says an article in USA Today. When the movie was filmed, the Rahes’ was farming/ running the left and centerfield parts of the park which was owned by the Ameskamp family and the Lansing family owned the remainder of the property along with the house. The Lansing family gained ownership of the remainder of the property from the Ameskamps in 2007.

The Rahe brothers were brought back into the picture when Denise Stillman, founder of Go the Distance bought the land and asked the brothers to be the farmers.

If you are to walk through the field now, you will get to see the hours of work the Rahe brothers have put into it.

People travel from all over to see the iconic field from the movie Field of Dreams. Many like to take the time to recreate some of the iconic corn-emerging scenes. Andy and Adam's work in this field helps bring this movie set to life, even years after production.

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