Let's all agree that sometimes dogs are way better than people. There's just something about the way that a dog can make you feel so much better and alter your mood so quickly. Having a dog (most of the time) is like getting a shot of serotonin straight into your body.

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It's been a difficult and stressful time for all of us, and one thing that always makes me feel better is seeing some adorable animals. Recently it was National Puppy Day otherwise known as one of the best days on the entire calendar year. Who doesn't love celebrating puppies?

The world's ruff enough....

We have so many good boys and girls here in the Cedar Valley. To brighten up all of our day, let's take some time to mindlessly coo over man's best friend. Submit a photo of your dog on our Facebook too! We'd love to see what your tail-wagging dog is up to these days.

If you see any of these proud pets when you're out and about in the Cedar Valley make sure to give them as much ear scratches and belly rubs that their owners will permit.


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