Remember The Jerry Springer Show? When the people on his show would fight and the crowed would chant 'JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!' I picture that when I think of families fighting at the holidays. Bonus points PS if you have a cousin Jerry...

Iowans certainly are opinionated, so what will we be arguing about? The website YouGov surveyed Americans to ask 'em what they think the family feuds will be about this year and, wouldn't ya know it, politics was the top answer. Shocking, no?

Here are the top things we'll argue with our families about at Thanksgiving:

  • The pandemic
  • Long-standing family tensions
  • Conspiracy theories
  • Someone's future plans
  • The media
  • Money
  • Guests' behavior
  • Cleaning up after the meal (really?)
  • Drinking alcohol

The best course of action is, as always, avoid anything controversial. Which in 2020 means, don't say anything. Just sit in silence and enjoy the turkey on disposable plates while not drinking alcohol, flashing your wallet, or watching the news. And... maybe wearing a mask? Oh boy... Good luck!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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