When it comes to local legend The Black Angel is in Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City is a HUGE name.

This local legend curses kids, and may even kill you! 

This spooky statue is over 8 feet tall and sits above the graves of Theresa and Nicholas Feldevert along with Theresa's first son Edward. While an angel isn't unusual to see in cemeteries, over the years this one has become scarier looking than others. The statue has become a dark and looming figure due to the "bronze oxidization," this has caused the color of the angel to become very dark. Literally.

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The angel was designed by artist Mario Korbel, and has attracted the attention of ghost hunters, kids, and many others. It even has its own legend... touch or kiss the statue and you’ll be struck dead. Pregnant women could lose of their child

I still remember my grandma telling me about this when I asked her to tell me a ghost story as a child. While I have never seen the statute myself, I have known about this legend since childhood.

Sadly some vandalism has happened to the statue,

Due to the amount of shenanigans the statue attracts, the cemetery security keeps a pretty close eye on it. Vandals have snapped off several of the fingers doing who knows what with them, and kids giggle and drink and carousing under its wings. If you got for a visit (or a kiss) make sure to behave yourself…someone is watching.

Have you heard of this wild Iowa legend.

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