As Iowan, we are always looking for things to do, and one of those things is ghost hunting in the Fall, and with October just around the corner, I figured we could take a look at some major hot spots for ghosts in Iowa.

We've covered a few major spots in Iowa, now let's take a look at them all with some pictures.

Limb Of Unknown Child:

Inside the Iowa Solders' Orphans section there is a headstone found at the end of a very long row in Oakdale Memorial Gardens. The headstone reads: “Limb of Unknown Child” Apparently, if you go there on Halloween night you can hear the cries, but there is another legend in that graveyard that has baffled people for years.

Baby Boy Fear:

Very little is written or known about Baby fear. It lives in the shadow of the also vague legend of the unknown child. I mostly just had a few rumors and pictures to go off of. The legend of this site is simple. Due to all the pain in this spot, if you go to this location on Halloween, you can sense the children and hear them.

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13 Steps:

The rumor is that if you go there at the right time, you may count 13 steps... Other times there are only 12. A which was also laid to rest here.

The Black Angle:

A legend I grew up knowing, the rumor is that if you touch her you die, or if some go near the angle their younger family members will die.

Edinburgh manor:

This haunted location has years of legends, and different spirits haunting its halls. You can even spend the night in this location!

Iowa Ghost Legends & Spots

Here are the photos of some of the "best" haunted locations in Iowa.

What Iowa legend is your favorite?

University of Northern Iowa Murals in Downtown Cedar Falls

UNI grad student Isaac Campbell wanted to do something unique for his master's thesis. All across Downtown Cedar Falls are murals of old photographs. They are plastered onto the walls of fixtures in Downtown Cedar Falls with flour, water, and sugar. Nine murals decorate Downtown Cedar Falls. Let us know if you can spot them all!

Best Ranked Iowa Beers

Iowans love their beer, and some of the beverage made here in the Hawkeye State are actually some of the highest ranked beer around.


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