Are you still shopping for all the fixings of your Turkey Day dinner?

You will be happy to know, that the Thanksgiving Day dinner you will be sitting down to next week, is still a bargain.

The American Farm Bureau Federation did it's 34th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Price Survey, which determined that even though farmers fought weather and tariffs, your T "Turkey Day" dinner is still just $5 per person, for a family of 10.

The average cost for the annual feast was estimated at $48.91; that is only one cent higher than the cost last year.

An economist at the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, says despite the 6th consecutive year of a downturned ag economy, including lower commodity prices, consumers are still getting a good deal. Meanwhile, farmers receive only 8 cents of each dollar that a consumer spends.

The IFBF says 95 percent of Americans will be dining on turkey. Iowa ranks in the top 10 states for turkey production. 15.5 million birds were sold in 2017, according to an Ag Census. It also adds to the state economy by providing nearly 4,000 jobs.
The Thanksgiving Dinner survey also includes those delicious side dishes, including bread stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls with butter, cranberries, a relish tray, pumpkin pie (with whipped cream!), and your beverage of coffee or milk, feeding 10 people for less than $50.

To be fair, since many folks (almost half) serve ham with the turkey, the AFBF is now following trends in retail ham prices, too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and please pass the (very affordable) turkey!

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