A mysterious package left at an Oelwein business, prompted a call to local authorities as a precaution.

At about 11:15am Thursday (Aug. 12), the Oelwein Police Department was alerted to a suspicious package left near a building at Transco Railway Products, Inc., located at 300 7th Avenue NW in Oelwein.

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An investigation determined that the package was deemed to not be a threat to the safety of those nearby. No information was released about where the package came from, or it's actual contents.

The Oelwein Police Department was assisted in the investigation by the Oelwein Fire Department and the State Fire Marshall's Office.

No other information on the mystery package was released.


Northeast Iowa woman a contestant for Ms. Wheelchair America.

(info from Radio Iowa)

A program that focuses on the many abilities of people with disabilities is holding its national competition this week, with an Iowa woman among the 30 contestants. Heidi Kriener  is Ms. Wheelchair Iowa. She's a teacher in the Turkey Valley Schools in both the E-S-L and TAG programs. Kriener says it's a thrilling experience to be a part of this year's Ms. Wheelchair America competition, even if it's being held virtually.

"We go on Zoom all day from 11 until 4 and we have workshops that are very informative, I've learned a lot so far," Kriener says. "And then later, we're able to have a social hour so we get to talk with the girls and meet them and hear their stories. It's been a phenomenal experience. I've learned so much!" As this year's Iowa titleholder, Kriener says her platform focuses on three words, "Everybody plays together."

"What I'm hoping to go for is having more inclusive playgrounds in rural areas," Kriener says. "We have them in bigger cities, but in rural areas, like where I live, I don't feel we have anywhere for these kids to play. Being a teacher, I see a lot of schools that don't have places for kids to play -- on a playground." Kriener, who lives in Alpha, was born with spina bifida and has been in a wheelchair her entire life, but says she grew up in a household where she wasn't allowed to use the word "can't" and was able to try everything her brothers did. One of her biggest accomplishments is becoming a teacher, while in her spare time...

"My favorite activity is horseback riding. I own my own horse," Kriener says. "I love to horseback ride and I know that's hard for some people to comprehend. How does a person in a wheelchair get on a horse? There's ways to do it." The final speeches from Kriener and the rest of the contestants will be webcast live starting at 5 P-M/Central on Friday, with the crowning event at 5 P-M on Saturday.


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