Spring is here and summer won't be far behind. Speaking of 'behinds', you likely want to sun yours, right? Hot weather season in our state is so short and so precious, one must make the most of it after all. Maybe you're a fan of goin au naturale? Well, before you strip off the skivvy's, let's breakdown the legality of nude sunbathing in the Hawkeye state.

How I got to the, um, bottom, of Iowa's rules

First off, I got my info from a couple of sources. Number one is the bathing suit company Pour Moi. They put out a study on the rules of sunbathing nekked in the U.S.A. using a state by state breakdown. Next, I went to a website StateLaws.com and found some nudity laws in our state. Here's what I learned...

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So... Can I be naked outside?

Public indecency laws are a thing here for sure. A big thing. I... mean that like, big as in important, not as in... anyways. Some naked freedom is allowed when practiced without the intention of offending others. Meaning what? Lots of grey area. You're very likely to be ticketed or arrested if someone sees you and complains because, if they are offended, you're technically guilty. BUMmer, right? Luckily a couple of clothing-optional resorts exist in Iowa including one not to far from here, the L.V. Campground. Read more about it here.

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Hey now, put some clothes on, buddy! That's rufff!

Is Iowa more or less 'friendly' to public nudity than our neighbors?

Iowa is still very sheltered compared to other Midwestern neighbors, but that's a nude development. Oops, NEW development, sorry. In Minnesota, topless sunbathing was 100% illegal until just last year, 2020. Women can now go topless as they wish... within reason of course. In Missouri, there are a large number of campgrounds, clubs and even naturist societies where people are free to go au naturale.

What happens if I get a busted for indecency in Iowa?

It will cost you to get caught in the buff when you're not suppose to... A conviction for this crime yield a fine of at least $350. The max you'd pay is $1,875. Also, the court may also order imprisonment of up to a year... but that's highly unlikely to happen. Plan to pay the lower fine. Still, that's an expensive ticket!

See the rules in all 50 U.S. states here.

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