A new study published by the science journal Nature Human Behavior states opposition to GMOs is highest among those who know the least about genetics but have convinced themselves they're experts. Participants of the surveys were asked their attitude towards GMO’s and their knowledge.

The study points out that genetically modified foods are judged by the majority of scientists to be as safe for human consumption as conventionally grown foods and have the potential to provide substantial benefits to humankind, yet there is substantial public opposition to their use around the world. Authors of the study say, “We hypothesize that extremists will display low objective knowledge but high subjective knowledge, and that the gap between the two will grow with extremity.”

Further, the study suggests that public opposition to science is often attributed to a lack of knowledge. However, findings on the association between knowledge and attitudes about GM foods are mixed, and there is little evidence that educational interventions can meaningfully change public attitudes.

Source;  NAFB News

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