One of the biggest vehicle news stories of the past couple of years has been all of the catalytic converter thefts, which have skyrocketed across the country. Also skyrocketing, vehicle thefts.

In many cities in the U.S., carjackings in 2022 are already trending higher than in 2021. While police have had more reports of stolen vehicles, you may be wondering what type of vehicle is targeted by thieves. There are some answers.

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The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) puts out lists semi-annually of the most commonly stolen vehicles. They report that thefts are up since the start of the pandemic.

As far as what types of vehicles are being targeted, I have the list for the state of Iowa. One thing that's pretty obvious, Iowans have a type when it comes to what we like to drive.

We also have a type when it comes to stolen cars. No, it's not a BMW. Oooh no, not a Lexus. Not even a Mustang or Camero. It's not a luxury car of any time.

Actually, it's not even a CAR. It's a truck. In the top ten most commonly stolen cars here in Iowa, which you'll see below, many of the top stolen is a type of truck. But which one is number one?

Let's take a look at the data which was released last year from the NICB:

Lock Up! These are the Top 10 Most Stolen Cars In Iowa

Iowans have a type. We really like trucks. Turns out, so do car thieves!

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