When independent country artist Spencer Crandall released his 2020 album Wilderness, there were a few key songs on the project that he wanted to give a second life.

That desire birthed his newest EP, Lost in the Wild; its five songs — three remixes and two new tracks — are, essentially, an extension of Wilderness. Crandall wanted his new project to show off his eclectic range and give fans a taste of every type of music he creates.

“It’s kind of all over the place on purpose,” Crandall says. “It’s a great way to feed our fans, and even if you’ve never really been a part of Spencer Crandall music before, it’s a fun place to jump in.”

Spencer Crandall
Courtesy of Spencer Crandall

The EP kicks off with Crandall’s highly requested wedding version of “My Person." For the singer, to have fans not only love a song he poured his heart into but also want to use it for something as special as a wedding makes him feel something that surpasses gratitude.

“Sometimes it just doesn’t feel real,” Crandall shares. “Like, I’m watching these two humans on the most important day of their life and use my words to sum up what they think is the perfect way to say, 'I love you.' That’s too much for my brain to handle!

"You get one life," he adds, "and if this is a part of what I get to leave behind, I think that’s really cool.”

The other two reimagined tracks from Wilderness are “Things I Can’t Say" and "Delete All." The former, which features Julia Cole, is a stripped-back version of the song that allows both singers to elevate the lyrics; on "Delete All," meanwhile, Crandall plays with an EDM-inspired twang, proving to fans that the Denver native is up to the challenge of not staying in any one box.

“The hope is that the songs on Wilderness still stand up and have a lot of merit, at least in the songwriting realm,” Crandall notes. "You can tell the merit of a song if you can literally change genres with it and that it still holds up."

The two new songs on Lost in the Wild are "Apartments in LA" and "Nothing to Do With You." The latter — a ballad with range — in particular excites Crandall.

"I don’t hear a lot of songs that, especially in country, or really just in the general music population, of ... 'I don’t want to go out,' 'I don’t want to go clubbing,'" Crandall says. "It’s more of an honest take of 'We are both so busy, we need to sit down, be with each other, and I need to re-center on you.'"

It's a song that Crandall believes many will relate to now, as the world is opening up after the COVID-19 pandemic. For Crandall, too, 2021 will be a full-throttle year: In addition to his EP, the singer is hosting a podcast, Where Are We Here?, for which he sits down with celebrities to uncover how they got to where they are and what's going on in their world now.

Crandall’s fans are important to him, and he didn’t want to stop at a podcast and new music; instead, he hoped to also create a way to give his followers an inside look at his life as he pursues his dreams. Enter: his YouTube series, "Road to the Stadium."

“I’ve always thought of the fans first, and I’m actually constantly trying to feed my people — not just check in with them, but rather, 'How do I add value in their lives?'" Crandall says. “These projects are my attempt to really turn fans into family.”

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