A South Korean ban on fresh U.S. potatoes is no longer in effect. The ban on Idaho, Washington, and Oregon potatoes began in 2012. The Packer says the ban began because of technical concerns, with the South Korean government putting new regulations in place for exporters shipping potatoes into the country.

A quota system in place will cap U.S. exports to South Korea at 3,583 metric tons, but the quota will rise in the future. Potatoes U.S.A. says they’ve received numerous requests for American table-stock potatoes and are excited to finally be able to ship the product to them.

While only three states are currently allowed to export potatoes to South Korea, the potato industry is currently working to get access for more states to ship potatoes. The guidelines will be released to the U.S. potato industry in January. National Potato Council CEO John Keeling says, “We thank the USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, and their Korean counterparts for resolving this issue.”

Source;  NAFB News

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