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A semi hauling hogs overturned at a busy Waterloo intersection Thursday morning.

The rig tipped on its side at U.S. Highway 63 (Logan Ave.) and E. Donald St. around 6:45 AM. Sgt. Mark Sigwarth of the Iowa State Patrol said the mishap occurred when the driver failed to negotiate a turn.

Crews spent several hours at the scene. With the aid of inflatable devices, a towing company eventually used a crane to upright the rig.

Sigwarth said no one was injured in the accident. The condition of the hogs was unknown. Watch the video below.

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Semi Overturns In Waterloo

A semi hauling hogs overturned along E. Donald Street, near the intersection with U.S. Highway 63 (Logan Ave.) Thursday around 6:45 AM. With the aid of inflatable devices, a towing company used a crane to upright the rig.

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