Northeast Iowans should be made aware of a telephone scam going on, in which someone is calling residents and asking to be paid for COVID-19 testing.

Gunderson Palmer Lutheran Hospital and Clinics in West Union, has informed the Fayette County Sheriff; and the sheriff is passing the information of this phone scam on to the public.

Some area residents have been getting phone calls from what is identified by Caller-I.D., as "Public Health". The caller tells the individual that they have been exposed to a positive case of coronavirus, then the caller requests $50 for a COVID-19 test kit, plus processing.

Gunderson Palmer explains that there is NO charge for Covid testing by Public Health, and that they would never ask for your banking or credit card information.
Anyone receiving such a call, should just hang up, or contact local law enforcement.

And never give out financial information over the phone to someone you do not know.

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