After years of ongoing trespassing and vandalism, an area rock quarry is not allowing the public to enter the property any more, as it had done so in the past.

Croell Redi-Mix reported to the Fayette County Sheriff that their land is entered without permission, and at times, has been vandalized or unwanted activity has taken place.

The quarry is located between Elgin and Clermont on Canoe Road. It has been a popular area to rock hunt, fish, and hike, even though a no-trespassing sign was posted. But this summer, the area sustained damage from vandals and trespassers.

Photo from Fayette County Sheriff
Photo from Fayette County Sheriff

Croell has posted more no-trespassing signs, and set up surveillance cameras to catch the perpetrators. The Fayette County Sheriff has also been notified to help monitor the private property. Law breakers will be subject to citations, or possibly even arrest.

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