With the help of social media and a surveillance camera, authorities have solved a rash of thefts from grave sites.

Earlier this month, the Charles City Police Department received a report of items that were taken off of graves at Riverside Cemetery.

The person who reported the incident, installed a camera, which took pictures of a person allegedly stealing Christmas lights used to decorate a relative's grave.

The photos were then posted on Facebook by Charles City Police, and with the public's help, a suspect was arrested. 43 year old Terry Brandt of Charles City has been charged with 2 counts of 5th Degree Theft, and Possession of Stolen Property.

Many items taken from the graves have been recovered; authorities have determined that the property was taken from cemeteries in Charles City and around Floyd County.

If anyone is missing something from the cemeteries, they are asked to contact Charles City Police and describe the items taken.

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