We all love cute, cuddly kittens and sweet, heart melting puppies, right? Also melting when you get a new fur baby: your wallet. I crunched some numbers, with help from a Yahoo News story, and local Iowa resources like the Iowa Humane Alliance. What I found out was, yes; pets cost a whole lot, but also, they're worth it!

One pet will cost ya over $10K in its lifespan

According to the study from Yahoo News, our furry friends end up costing us roughly $111 per month. That's for a cat or a dog... no word on the cost of that croc you legally can't own in Iowa. Before we get to monthly costs, you have about $175 for adoption costs and initial supplies. That's taking into account pretty much everything from food and toys to vet bills and medicine. Crunching more numbers, that all ends up running you a lofty $13,320 over 10 years. That is the average lifespan of most dogs and cats. If your kitty or pooch hangs in there another few years, you're well over $15,000. Yes, that comma is in the correct spot.

cat and vet
Mara Radeva

No one likes going to the doctor, or paying for their pet to go

In the same Yahoo News story, a separate study found that 90% of pet owners polled will give their vet a ring when their pet displays some kind of odd or unusual behavior. However, only 79% will actually make an appointment to take their pet in to see a veterinarian. While 24% say they don't take their pet in unless they know something is not right with their pet. Not sure how they know exactly, but you get the point.

So yeah, pets are costly... but as the owner of three cats I'll tell you, they're worth it. Most days.

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