Saturday morning was full of rain but that didn’t stop families from heading out to the farm for breakfast with the cows.

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The Northeast Iowa Dairy and Agriculture Foundation teamed up with Northeast Iowa Community College to host their annual Breakfast on the Farm in celebration of National Dairy Month.

Even with Northeast Iowa receiving around 3 inches of rain Saturday, Mariah Busta with the foundation says they probably still served around 1,000 plates.

So, it's been really fun and despite the weather, a huge turnout, I'm guessing and it's hard to say yet because we haven't done the plate count.

To make an event to this scale possible, it took a village… well 100 volunteers. People from Northeast Iowa Community College, and dairy royalty were helping out with anything from serving food to teaching kids to milk a cow, to driving the tractor tram rides.

Automatic Milkers at Iowa Dairy Center via Kailey Foster
Automatic Milkers at Iowa Dairy Center via Kailey Foster

And the event is constantly growing. Each year there are new activities added to help engage kids and help teach different aspects of agriculture.

We have local organizations, and nonprofits reach out to us and we encourage them to be here because that's a great way for them to outreach and meet a lot of people. What we just asked them, is to do some sort of activity as it relates to agriculture so we can truly make this all about celebrating agriculture and celebrating National Dairy Month.

And if you missed the event this year, you don’t have to wait to get on a farm. Busta says they do guide tours at the Iowa Dairy Center in Calmar year-round.

Jersey Cows at Iowa Dairy Center via Kailey Foster
Jersey Cows at Iowa Dairy Center via Kailey Foster

Breakfast on the Farm will be held again next June on the fourth Saturday.

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