For at least the third time, a Northeast Iowa restaurant is back open, after a vehicle crashed into the side of the building.

At about 10am Tuesday, a car slammed into the side of the Country Cottage Cafe in Oelwein. The restaurant was open at the time, but no one was injured. Damage to the north side of the building, including the entryway, was extensive. But less than a day later, the restaurant reopened Wednesday morning, at 6am.

Photo from Country Cottage Facebook Post
Photo from Country Cottage Facebook Post

Damages were estimated to be several thousand dollars.

This marks the third time the business has been the target of wayward drivers. The last time, in March of last year, three people were injured, and damages were more severe.

No charges are being filed in this latest crash, in which the driver apparently mixed up the break pedal with the gas pedal.

Country Cottage owners are planning to look into getting some type of barrier installed to prevent a similar accident from happening a fourth time.

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