Combine sales declined in October while sales of tractors remained mostly flat. The Association of Equipment Manufacturer’s October Ag Tractor and Combine Report shows overall sales remained positive year-to-date.

U.S. sales of self-propelled combines declined seven percent in October compared to last year, and U.S. sales of four-wheel-drive tractors were flat with a one-percent drop month-over-month. October year-to-date growth in U.S. sales reached 17 percent for combines and growth of 13.5 percent for four-wheel-drive tractors.

Total October U.S. sales of two-wheel-drive tractors grew six percent compared to last year: a nine percent gain for under-40 horsepower tractors, a five-percent increase for 40-100 horsepower tractors, and a drop of eight percent for 100-plus horsepower tractors. October year-to-date growth for overall U.S. sales of two-wheel-drive tractors topped seven percent.

Source;  NAFB news

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