Have you binge-watched every single show on Netflix, done all the puzzles in your house and have now resorted to cleaning the bathroom floor with a toothbrush? Well, put down the toothbrush and use your quarantine time to teach yourself a new skill during COVID-19!

If you have ever wanted to be a professional photographer, this is your chance! Nikon is offering free online photography classes through April. If you have ever wanted to be a professional photographer or just enhance your photography skills, you probably know that photography classes are expensive, even Nikon's online school are around $15 to $50 dollars per class. So why not take advantage of their free classes during quarantine?

The classes will be streaming online free and the classes range from Environmental Portraiture, The Art of Making Music Videos, Exploring Dynamic Landscape photography and even pet photography. They will last from 15 minutes to an hour and you can find all of the classes here.

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